Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

International Journal of Zizek Studies - Contents

Editorial Introduction

Why Žižek? Why Now? - IJŽS Editor, Paul A. Taylor, University of Leeds.

A statement of Žižek's value to cultural theory and a rationale for the whole IJŽS venture + Portuguese translation.

Interviews on the theme of Žižek and Cinema
Previously unpublished in English - a series of interviews and a review article of The Pervert's Guide To Cinema from "Žižek and Cinema" - a Special Issue of Tvrda Croatian Journal for Theory, Culture and Visual Media, 1-2, 2007.(Guest Editor Srecko Horvat).

Volume 1.0 - Previously published work, webcasts etc.

Unlike the rest of IJŽS which is devoted to previously unpublished articles and their original contributions to understanding Žižek's output - this Issue makes room for past pieces and various Žižek-related material of interest to IJŽS readers. Including for example:

*A full Webcast of a talk Žižek gave at Calvin College, Michigan on November 10th, 2006.

*Selected chapters and articles - including a number from Adrian Johnston

Vol One, Number One - 2007: Why Žižek?

A series of "Why Žižek?" articles from Board members - these articles are intended to convey the broad appeal and resonance of Žižek's work for a wide range of disciplines.

Vol One, Number Two - 2007: Žižek & Badiou

IJŽS is designed to cover both general and specific aspects of Žižek's work. This issue is devoted to a specific theme - the relevance of Badiou's concepts to Žižek's work.

The issue starts with an article from Marc de Kesel that provides an illuminating (Damascene?) account of the rather unusual relationship Badiou's mathematically-inspired ontology of Being and his notion of the event have to St. Paul's robust philosophy of Christianity.

This is followed by a previously unpublished article by Žižek that further interrogates Badiou's notion of the event. Issue 2 then consists of a series of responses from various Badiou scholars including a piece entitled "The Quick and the Dead" closely referred to in Žižek's article and a new response from its author, Adrian Johnston

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