Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Articles On The Web - (2003-2006)

The Parallax View
........The Stellar Parallax: The Traps of Ontological Difference
........ The Subject, this "inwardly circumcized Jew" - the von Paulus version
On 9/11, New Yorkers faced the fire in the minds of men
Hollywood's attempts to mark the 2001 attacks ignore their political context and the return to history they symbolise
Monday September 11, 2006, The Guardian

May 25, 2006, London Review of Books
The Symptom,

Nobody has to be vile
Against Liberal Communists
April 6, London Review of Books

Lets be Realists, Let's Demand the Impossible!
Why pragmatic politics are doomed to fail in the Middle East
August 30, In These Times 

The Liberal Communists of Porto Davos
April 11, 2006, In These Times

March 12, 2006, New York Times Editorial 
January 27, 2006, In These Times
Tuesday January 10, 2006The Guardian
from lacanian ink 10 - Fall 1995  
or how Not to misread Lacan's formulas of sexuation
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 118-125.
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 102-117.
Lacan dot com, Fall 
Lacan dot com, Fall
Lacan dot com, Fall
Lacan dot com, Fall 
In These Times, October 20.
Some Politically Incorrect Reflections on Violence in France & Related Matters
Lacan dot com, Fall
New Left Review 34, pp 115-131.
LRB, August 18
In These Times, August 11.
Lacan dot com, Spring
In These Times, June 19.
The Guardian, June 4
The Symptom 6, Spring
In These Times, May 21.
In These Times, April 8.
Adbusters. March-April 
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 126-135.
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 136-153.
LRB, March 17
In These Times, February 14.
The Guardian, February 19

Psychomedia, JEP, No 18 
In These Times, Nov.,
Le Nouvel Observateur, jeudi 11 novembre. 
LRB, December 2.
(Or, finally some good news from Washington) 
In These Times, November 5
an interview with Joshua Delpech-Ramey 
Journal of Philosophy   Scripture, Spring.
lacanian ink 23, Spring, pp 82-99. 
LRB, November 4.
In These Times, September 23.
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, September 17.
A Plea for Ethical Violence 
Umbr(a), 2004 
LRB, September 9. 
The Symptom, 5, Winter 
The Parallax View 
New Left Review 25, pp 121-134.
LRB, June 3. 
In These Times 05/21. 
In These Times 02/27.
In These Times 01/21.
Foreign policy January/February.


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